"Blockchain's Potential and ATPCO's Promise" — ATPCO Elevate Conference, October 9th, 2018 RESTON, VA
"Applying Blockchain to Air Travel" — ARC TRAVEL CONNECT Conference, October 12th, 2018 WASHINGTON DC

We provide inventory booking and transaction management solutions for the travel and entertainment industries using blockchain and the ethereum core framework. We connect vendors, such as airlines, with blockchain technology thereby achieving greater transparency, trust, and efficiency in transaction, inventory and booking management.

Our solution is permissioned, private, and governed by industry stakeholders with a focus on vendors and vendor participation. This inclusive approach has enabled us to deploy blockchain fairly quickly in the travel industry. Vendors (vs distributors, aggregators, and bundlers) should have the highest margins.

Vendors should have the highest margins in the chain.

Vendors should have full control over their own inventory — including how it’s booked, modified, updated, cancelled, bundled, and commissioned.

NDC and ONE Order are well guided, paper standards in search of technical standards and build. Given blockchain’s shared-and -consensus-driven nature, it is well positioned to begin to develop technical standards for the immediate and tactical needs of NDC and ONE Order implementation. In this environment, the implications for many aspects of travel distribution are significant.

Blockskye is the founding travel member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. We develop on STRATO with BlockApps, the leading provider of enterprise solutions in ethereum.
Our solutions are custom, scalable, and designed for integration across the ethereum ecosystem.


CEO, Co-Founder

Brook has seven years of travel-industry experience working as a partner at Travel Leaders NEXT, a corporate travel manager, and eighteen years of experience with startups and venture capital. Along with the other, travel-industry veterans of the Blockskye team, Brook is passionate about brining real-word applications of blockchain technology to air travel, corporate buyers, and the travel industry in general in order to help solve long standing frictions and lower costs. Brook holds a BA from Columbia University.


President, Co-Founder

Michael has been in the large global managed travel ecosystem for over 20 years. Michael was a founder of SeaGate Advanced Travel/ HRG North America. He is currently a managing partner in Travel Leaders Next Corporate Travel is an affiliate of Travel Leaders group that specializes in large, managed global corporate travel accounts. As President of Blockskye, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and industry connections to the blockchain travel startup. Michael has a BA from UCLA and a Graduate degree from the Paris-Sorbonne University, He is a mentor in entrepreneurship at the Innovation lab at Harvard Business School.


CTO, Co-Founder, Blockskye
CEO, President, BlockApps

Kieren is also President and CEO at BlockApps. He created the architecture and implemented BlockApps RESTful API and surrounding products and components, including the authorization framework, peer to peer networking code, Node.js client, and third party integrations. Kieren holds a BS from Princeton University.


CRO, Co-Founder

Jerry spent 16 years with Continental Airlines in revenue management, sales, marketing and distribution strategy. He was a partner in Tzell Travel / Travel Leaders Group overseeing airline distribution programs & relations. Jerry has served on many airline and industry advisory boards and was a charter member of ARC’s Travel Executive Committee.


General Counsel, Secretary TripAdvisor LLC


Board member of several travel startups. Ellen was formerly with Sabre as the president of Sabre north america as well as the president of Travelocity for business.


President, Reed exhibitions. Formerly SVP and general manager of American Express Global Business Travel.




info@blockskye.com / Blockskye Inc. / 1 Beacon St / Boston, MA 02108